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The industry has recognized Armor Inox as the worldwide proven solution for continuous, fully automated thermal processing applications of cooked meat, both deli and slicing logs and ready meals. High output shaping and cooking/chilling technology delivers dependable, consistent flow of products at the lowest operation costs.

  • Thermix™ Systems
  • Cooking and Chilling
  • Product Molds
  • Logi-Flex™ Systems

Shape, Cook & Chill

The Thermix system is a fully integrated solution to automatically shape, cook, chill and move cooked meat within the processing system.

With the Armor Inox system, processors can produce from 20 to 200 metric tons per day with as little as 2 employees.

The Thermix system combines high output with production flexibility, optimum production performances with high productivity, low operation costs with large savings of energy, and food safety with complete product traceability.

Process Control with Product Consistency

The Thermix system significantly improves process control and product consistency while dramatically reducing labor cost and energy consumption. 

  • The modular Thermix processing system allows total control of the product cook, cool and chill process cycles for consistent repeated results, ensuring the highest cooking yields.
  • The Multimolds technology shapes and molds product with consistent accurate dimensions for optimum product shapes, providing superior finished products and the highest slicing yields.
  • The Logi-Flex system provides a large variety of handling solutions, from molding to finished product unloading to slicers, racks or pallets…

Armor Inox offers proven solutions backed by a worldwide reputation for performance, reliability and cost effectiveness.

  • Armor Inox has become the most recognized name in fully automated cooking and chilling systems with more than 50 high capacity Thermix systems in operation throughout Asia, Europe, North and South America.

The Thermix System’s streamlined design results in exceptionally low maintenance costs.



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