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Sort, convey, and load cylindrical food products into packaging at up to 1,800 pieces per minute with high performance loading systems from Drake. Launcher, Collator, and Robotic style models are designed to meet your production line needs. Touch screen controls allow the easy addition of new recipes and rapid adjustments to various areas of the loader. Rugged, reliable construction results in long equipment life and fast, easy sanitation procedures.

  • Cylindrical Product Sorting
  • Conveying Inspection
  • Rejection Alignment
  • Autoloading

Loading System Features

  • Load Up to 1,800 Pieces Per Minute
  • Rapid Changeover Modular Heads
  • Compact, Sanitary Design
  • 98% Fill Rate
  • Versatile, Easy Touchscreen Controls
  • 20+ Patents
  • CE Approved

Launcher Style Autoloaders

Launcher style autoloaders are for the quick loading of fragile products such as cooked sausages and fresh cheese sticks. Loading heads precisely deliver product to the packaging equipment. Versatile modular heads offer quick changeover times to address a variety of pocket configurations.

Collator Style Loaders

Collator style loaders are manufactured to accommodate frankfurters, sausages, vienna sausages, snack sticks, pickles, and other products. Drake’s innovative engineering department addresses space and speed requirements for each machine. Customized models enable flexible film, can, tray, box, and jar loading. Versatile modular heads offer quick changeover time for individual packaging applications.

Robotic Loaders

Firm to soft, multi-diameter product is gently transported and placed into packaging. Drake Robotics provide loading solutions for products like natural casing sausage that may be damaged using traditional mechanical methods. High speed EOAT (end of arm tooling) has a 3kg payload with high quality surfaces and food grade lubrication. This tooling accommodates product variation such as curvature and a variety of consistencies.


Drake Product Brochures

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Drake Loader IntroductionEnglish

Robotic Loaders

LS-600R Robotic Loader English

SR-400 Robotic Loader English

Collator Style Loaders

CS-1300 Collator Style LoaderEnglish | Spanish | French | Russian

CS-1800 Collator Style LoaderEnglish | Spanish | Portuguese | Norwegian | German | Italian | French | Danish | Russian | Chinese

CS-400 Canning SystemEnglish | Spanish | Italian

CS-Bag LoaderEnglish | Italian | Chinese

Launcher Style Loaders

LS-600 Launcher Style Loader English | Spanish | Portuguese | Italian

LS-600R Launcher Style Loader English

LS-1400 Launcher Style LoaderEnglish | Spanish | Portuguese | Norwegian | German | Italian | French | Danish | Russian

LS-1800 Launcher Style LoaderEnglish | Spanish | German | Italian | French | Russian | Chinese

Cheese LoaderEnglish | Spanish | Italian

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