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Maurer-Atmos has an installed base of equipment in over 90 countries with innovative technologies for smoking, cooking, baking, maturing, drying, thawing, chilling and pasteurizing.  As a global technology partner, safe, efficient and environmentally friendly thermoprocessing systems are provided for the various applications in the protein industry.

  • Batch Systems
  • Fermenting, Drying and Maturing Rooms
  • Thawing/Defrosting Systems
  • Smoke Generators
  • Cleaning Systems


Maurer-Atmos provides a variety of batch systems to satisfy every thermal processing requirement from single and multiple cart batch houses to semi-continuous batch house systems.

  • Models ASR series are modular designs using standard trolley sizes at 1 to 12 trolley capacity.  Each system capable of drying, hot and cold smoking, cooking, hot air finishing, roasting and baking.  Models of the ASR series with “F” designation are specifically engineered for  fish processing.
  • Models PRR, or industrial design, are custom designed batch houses for specific processing requirements.      
  • Models IUL, PUR are intensive cooling systems which can be equipped with recirculating ice-water chilling.
  • Models KN, KR refer to our air handling units (AHU) which are used for temperature and humidity control processes for dry sausage production.

Semi-Continuous Systems

Combined Maurer-Atmos KCS batch systems (drying, smoking, cooking and chilling) with automated trolley handling to create a semi-continuous system.

Continuous Systems

Maurer-Atmos offers a wide range of continuous systems:

  • CMS with sticks for smoked products
  • CMC with baskets for cooked products such as mortadella and ham
  • CMB with trays or baskets for baked products such as chicken, duck and pies
  • DA with trays for dried and/or smoked products such as fish, beef-jerky

Smoke Generators

Maurer-Atmos provides a wide range of smoke generators including wood chip and
sawdust smoldering units, friction, condensing, and liquid smoke generators.


Thawing systems allow processors to accurately control the air-flow, temperature and humidity, which in turn provide outstanding defrosting/thawing of frozen products for a high quality further processing of meat products.


The relevant duct systems for the KR and KN models provide precise temperature/humidity control for dry meat and fish.


The TITAN 2 and Mipas monitor and record the entire process and supply reproducible data recording up to two years.



Maurer-Atmos Product Brochures

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AllRound Systems

Trolley Smoking/Cooking ASR English | Spanish |German

Roasting & Baking ARQEnglish | Spanish | German

Fish Smoking AFREnglish | Spanish | German

ProfitLine Systems

Smoking/Cooking PRREnglish | Spanish | German

Intensive Cooling PUREnglish | Spanish | German

Cooking PKEnglish | Spanish | German

Fish Smoking PFREnglish | Spanish | German

Maturing Systems

Industrial Air Conditioning/Maturing Systems – Klima English | Spanish | German

Complete Systems

Continuous Unit Systems CONTIEnglish | Spanish | German

Continuous Fish Production Systems DAEnglish | German

Semi-continuous Batch Systems KCSEnglish | Spanish | German

Defrosting Systems

Industrial Thawing Systems ATAEnglish | Spanish | German

Smoke Generator

Smoke Generators External REZeEnglish | Spanish | German

Smoke Generators Internal REZiEnglish | Spanish | German

Cooking Systems

Universal Circulation System KKEnglish | German

Steam-Inject Circulation Cooking System SKUEnglish | German

Kettles - Kochkessel FKGerman

Cooling Systems

Intensive Cooling IULEnglish | German


Control & Documentation Systems – SteuerungEnglish | Spanish | German

CIP Systems

Cleaning Systems RGEnglish | Spanish | German

Features and Benefits

Environment and Energy Efficiency Systems - UmweltEnglish | Spanish | German

Miscellaneous Accessories

Remote AppEnglish | German


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