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With more than 40 years of commitment to the further processing industry, processors depend on MP Equipment to bring them superior engineering, innovation and reliability.  MP Equipment continually provides efficient solutions to your further processing challenges.  Trust the entire line of MPADVANTAGE™ field-proven equipment:  blending, forming, portioning, batter/breading, frying and more to provide solid solutions to your unique further processing needs.  Our equipment features:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Sanitary Design
  • All Stainless Steel Construction
  • User-Friendly Touchscreen Controls
  • Heavy-Duty Equipment
  • MP Advantage™
  • Batter Applicators
  • Formers
  • Frying Systems
  • Breaders
  • VCS Batter Mixers
  • Portioning Equipment

Frying | Filtering

MPADVANTAGE™ Frying Systems incorporate the patent pending HelyX™ insert and features the most efficient heat exchanger in the industry. Use with our variety of oil filters and pressure filtration systems.

Forming | Multi-Flow®

MP formers provide unmatched quality and dependability and feature the optional patented Multi-Flow® system.  Models include the MPADVANTAGE™ Servo Elite and the MPADVANTAGE™ Servo Simple, which features a heavy duty stainless steel frame with lifetime warranty.  MP also offers a wide range of tooling solutions.

Batter | Breading

Accuracy is the heart of all our coating systems, allowing
processors to exceed their quality and yield specifications. Our batter/breading products include the patented MPADVANTAGE™ VCS Batter Mixer, the MPADVANTAGE™ TCS Tempura Mixer, Batter Applicator, Continuous Batter Filter, Inline Breader, Drum Breader and the revolutionary MPADVANTAGE™ True Homestyle Breader.

Water Cutting

Experience the highest production, best yield and lowest cost of ownership with the industry’s only 8-cutter machine. The MPADVANTAGE™ IntelliJet™ and MegaJet™ Water Cutters feature the most accurate, reliable and flexible water jet technology in the industry.



MP Equipment Product Brochures

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Batter Applicator/FilterEnglish

Drum BreaderEnglish

Inline BreaderEnglish

THS BreaderEnglish | Chinese

Product AlignerEnglish

VCS Batter MixerEnglish

TCS Batter MixerEnglish

Cutting Equipment

MegaJetEnglish | Chinese

IntelliJetEnglish | Chinese


19” FormerEnglish

19” Servo-Elite FormerEnglish | Chinese

26” FormerEnglish

MP800 Extra FormerEnglish

Servo Simple FormerEnglish | Chinese

Multi-Flow BrochureEnglish

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Oil FilterEnglish


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