Industrial Baking

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The brands in the Middleby Bakery Group provides reliable low and high volume production solutions for bread, rolls and buns, as well as cakes, biscuits, cereal, baked snacks and much more. Our range covers all industrial baking processes, from dough mixing, feeding and forming, laminating and sheeting to baking and cooling, as well as automatic handling solutions for de-panning and feed to slicers and baggers, producing consistent products with a high quality finish.

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Muffin, Cake & Bread Baking Systems

Bread & Bun Tunnel Systems

Pan Shakers • Topping Applicators
Bun Splitters • Closure Systems

Advanced Washing Systems

Professional Mixers

Bread Dough Makeup Machinery

Fill • Deposit • Portion

Liquid Packaging System

Custom Automated Guided Vehicles

Freeze • Chill • Steam • Proof

Complete Biscuit & Cracker Solutions

High Capacity Bread & Bun Systems

Professional Baking Machinery

Bakery Innovation Center (BIC)

Our 30,000 sq.ft. Bakery Innovation Center (BIC) is the first of its kind for bread, buns and sweet goods. Come to Texas to experience our facility. Let our Engineers explain our latest equipment, brainstorm and resolve your challenges. Let our Bakers develop the next generation product for you.