Thermal Processing

Thermal Food Processing brands offer the world’s most extensive, innovative technologies for continuous and batch thermal processing of smoked, baked and cooked food products, from hot dogs, ham and luncheon meat to ready meals. Our industry leading systems feature technology for efficient cooking, smoking, chilling and pasteurization of protein and meat products, as well as fully automated, continuous shaping, cooking and chilling of cooked meats, including deli meat, slicing logs and co-extruded sausages. Further equipment in the range covers drying, maturing and thawing processes.

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Cook · Chill · Smoke · Roast · Pasteurize

Automated Cook/Chill Hams · Sous Vide

Defrost · Cook · Chill · Smoke · Roast · Pasteurize · Dry · Mature

Freeze · Chill · Steam · Proof

Roboot Loading/Unloading · Salami · Ham